Feb 27 17



Westlake Senior Racic Fernandez will Add to Steel’s Unique Market Insights

AUSTIN, Texas (February 27, 2017) – Today, family-targeted marketing agency Steel Branding announced the addition of a new member to their growing list of talented young professionals. Racic Fernandez, a senior at Westlake High School, joins Steel as the first high school student in the agency’s latest continuum of youth marketers.

The addition of a high school mentorship to Steel Branding’s existing educational opportunities bridges the gap between ages and offerings available at the agency. With the new mentorship directed specifically at local high school students, a successful Kiddo Consultants program for elementary and middle school students, and a strong internship program available to college students, Steel offers a specialized learning experience to anyone from the curious 6-year-old to 20-somethings looking for professional training.

The goal of the new mentorship is for high school students like Fernandez to acquire practical skills and experience in a real-world environment that is conducive to their own professional development. At the same time, Steel Branding aims to work with Fernandez and others like her in further developing the agency’s unique market insights. As a passionate, hard-working student, Fernandez is the ideal candidate for Steel’s high school mentorship because she takes an active role in her own learning and development.

Addressing her intentions with the new mentorship, President of Steel Branding Kirsten Cutshall commented, “Youth recruiting is valuable not for their hands or their ability to get coffee, but for their unique perspective in Steel’s quest for deeper, more meaningful insights into family marketing in the digital age.” Fernandez’s partnership with Steel will begin this coming spring, 2017.


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